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the story behind our name

John and Kelly originally crossed paths at the University of Texas in a class called "personality, society, and culture." John thought Kelly was a bit full of himself.  Imagine John's surprise when Kelly showed up for an interview at the company he managed, Nuvo, but John thought “hmm, this guy has something” and hired him. While working together, John and Kelly discovered a strong connection, and laughed about the impression Kelly's youthful grandstanding had given.

A few years later, both John and Kelly had ended relationships at the same time. Seeking the camaraderie and learnings that come from such life-transitions, on many occasions, the pair sat in two blue chairs (loaned to John for his new bachelor pad) conversing, examining, laughing, crying, and forming some of their most lasting philosophies about life, relationships, business, and ethics. In those chairs, it was this commitment to dialogue that helped them grow into the men they are today.

Indeed, it is that commitment to dialogue - the exchange of ideas, a willingness to explore new and creative concepts, the desire to seek better and less-obvious solutions to a problem - that forms the core ideals of the company. Nothing could better represent that than those original 2 Blue Chairs - fashioned from the actual chairs - that you see on our logo.

All these years later, after any significant conversational break-throughs, we still say "that was a real two blue chairs moment!"

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