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Deerfoot - phased remodel 

This 1980s custom home had seen several remodels. The original objective was a kitchen update – suffering from 90’s-ness – but when the whole suite of ideas came out, the kids’ wing got tackled first: each bedroom had a dated en-suite bath, with a playroom in between, but the space was poorly allocated. We reconfigured the layout, expanded openings, and applied new finishes creating updated, harmonious, well-connected spaces - suited for grade-school-age kids through their teens.

A short time later, we tackled the kitchen, which logically included the adjacent living and dining rooms. An oversized breezeway provided obvious square footage to capture for expansion, but elevation differences between inside+out+and the garage was a significant obstacle, resolved artfully by the new ipe wood waterfall stairs and gated rear-entrance. The new kitchen – with all custom cabinetry – is open physically and visually to living, dining, and outdoor spaces. Final touches included new siding, windows, an updated guest bath, a custom gate, a paint color scheme, and some furnishings. 

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